Buttock Augmentation and Enhancement with Implant

Before & After Pictures

 Augmentation before/after -butt lift

The butt augmentation with implant cosmetic surgery procedure is provides a youthful, more prominent, perky buttocks and a more hourglass silhouette

Dr Vincente Rodrigo board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon is a leader in creating beautiful natural results for face surgeries, breast augmentation, and liposuction-body contouring for his patients.

Plastic surgery before after pictures

Butt Lift Before Surgery Before - After

butt lift Cosmetic Procedure BeforeButt lift surgery in Budapest before
bottock lift surgery abroad afterBrazilian buttoks lif tsurgery in Budapest

Plastic surgery before after pictures
Plastic surgery before after pictures

Butt Lift Surgery Before and After

Disclaimer: Dr Vincente Rodrigo trust that before and after pictures and videos will help edify those patients who are consider these plastic surgery procedures. However, Dr Rodrigo wishes to underline the fact that results and effects of plastic surgery procedures do certainly VARY from patient to patient, and the “before after” results shown on Meditourist website do not guarantee and may not be attainable for other patients. No assurance is made by presenting these pictures, and videos and of the patients’ outcome from their plastic cosmetic surgeries. All of these patient's plastic cosmetic surgeries were performed by Dr. Vincente Rodrigo board certified chief consultant surgeon. Please Note: Before - after photos viewed outside the context of a medical discussion may be misleading.

Plastic surgery before after pictures

Plastic surgery before after pictures

Plastic or cosmetic surgery before and after pictures, photos are a not a guarantee of results as seen above. Information provided is for general edification about  various plastic, cosmetic aesthetic proceduressuch as:  breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast reduction, eyelid surgery, face lifts, liposuction, rhinoplasty,  cal implnats and other cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures. Any information in this site is subject to change. meditourist-budapest.com does not guarantee that it is exact or comprehensive , and is not responsible for any actions resulting from the use of this information. General information provided in this site, should not be construed as specific medical advice or recommendation, and is not a substitute for a consultation and physical examination by a plastic or cosmetic surgeon. Only discussion of your individual needs with a qualified plastic cosmetic surgeon  will determine the best method of treatment for you.

Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

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