Mid-face Lift Cosmetic Surgery Abroad - Before After Pictures

Cheek Lift, Mid-Facelift, Cheek Implant Cosmetic Surgery Before and After Photos

Dr Vincente Rodrigo board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon is a leader in creating beautiful natural results for facelifts, breast augmentation, and liposuction-body contouring for his patients.Here we can see how skillfully Dr Rodrigo performed this mid-facelift. There is a huge improvement on the naso-labial folds making the patient look at least 10 years younger after the cosmetic surgery procedure.

Plastic surgery before after pictures

Rejuvenation of the mid-face before - after

cheek lift before after

Plastic surgery before after pictures


Cheek Lift and Cheek Implant Cosmetic Surgery

Full Facelift Before After Side

Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Dr Rodrigo - Plastic Surgeon

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